Challenging Perceptions, Changing Lives

The Hair Tailor® was born through a personal hair loss journey, creative experience and passion to create a hub for anyone experiencing hair loss who are seeking quality hair replacement and hair recovery programmes.

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After working for a number of years with others experiencing hair loss, we understand that losing your hair can also cause you to lose your confidence. Our highly skilled expert team provide professional, practical hair replacement options personalized to suit you and your lifestyle.

If you feel that you are ready to look at your hair replacement options then contact The Hair Tailor® now for a friendly and comprehensive consultation from a profesional that has gone through and understands your hair loss journey.




Our team is made up of professional hair replacement experts who guarantee high-quality hair replacement options that adhere to all medical recommendations. We understand that your needs may differ to others so our specialists handle each service on a case-by-case basis.

We utilise the most reliable equipment, tools and technology in our procedures because we want you to see the best results from our unique services. We don’t just offer hair replacement services, we offer ongoing support and maintenance advice as well.




” Re-Grooms were once an anxious time for me but with Stuart it is quite the opposite. His knowledge and consistency are very reassuring and in his highly capable hands, the experience is an enjoyable one.

I feel fortunate to be one of his clients. “



” Stuart has been doing my hair for the past 2 years and I can honestly say that my hair has never looked as good or as natural.As a system wearer of 15 years, I recognise that his level of skills in designing, cutting, styling and colour are hard to find in this industry. One very happy customer. “



Each hair system is a handcrafted, then sized and shaped to fit your scalp perfectly during your fitting. Each piece is cut and adhered to your scalp to cover any hair loss area. On average they generally last for around 4-6 months before needing to be replaced and we advise a re-fiiting and maintenance appointment every 3 to 4 weeks, although some people can go longer.

There are so many different designs, materials and attachment methods for hair replacement systems, and we know this can be overwhelming, but that’s not for you to think about, it’s our job to find the right fit for you and your lifestyle. Leave the hard work to us and you just focus on how great you want to look and feel!

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SMP is a medical grade technique that can be applied to your scalp giving the appearance of having a full head of shaved hair (buzz cut) to mask the appearance of a receding hairline and/or missing hair in other areas. SMP can also be used to mask scarring and also to give the illusion of thinning hair being denser and fuller looking.

By depositing pigment into and slightly below the epidermis (upper layer of the skin on the scalp). The finished look is achieved by skillfully applying dots of carefully selected pigment to replicate the look of hair follicles, of which will be the same diameter and colour as your actual hair follicles.

Challenging Perceptions, Changing Lives



From our services, hair transplant solutions are the only surgical route to reversing hair loss. How this works is the surgeon will take live/working follicules from one area of your head, carefully seperate and prepare them ready to the be placed into the areas where the hair is missing.

Our partners who are based in Istabul, Turkey are highly skilled in hair transplants and work to the highest standards.

Full consultations with the surgeon are carried out prior to an initial pre consultation with us at The Hair Tailor®




When hearing the word “mesotherapy”, most people will often think skincare. However, our mesotherapy is specifically formulated for the scalp which comprises of a cocktail of all the necessary ingredients vital for feeding the scalp to give new and existing hair what it needs to grow thicker and fuller; think ‘hair food’.

Scalp Mesotherapy is a treatment gaining in popularity as it is both effective, non-invasive and is the perfect at home or in salon treatment.

This service is perfect to help treat early signs of hair loss/thinning, also we recommend this as an aftercare service for hair transplant patients. 

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